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Love our products, love our mission?

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Become an affiliate with us and earn a thank you commission every time you bring us a successful referral through your personal link. 

You can be as creative as you like to earn some extra cash by simply sharing our superfood brews and products.

How can you share and earn?


- Share your link anytime you post about our products

- Facilitate online Chaga Muga parties to earn

- Grow your own customer base

- Add your link to your business website

Caring is sharing and we love to share.


Hello Affiliates, thank you for joining us to help spread our mission and passion about Chaga superfood goods. 

If you are wanting to facilitate your own Chaga Muga online parties with guests as a means to spread the message, awareness, and build your own client base that is wonderful! We are equally excited about this and would love to help anyway possible.


Please contact head office via email to get the Chaga Muga rewards pack guidelines and party information.