Cold Beverage Collection

The beverage market is dominated by drinks that contain sugar and other harmful ingredients. We believe beverages should contain organic whole foods and tonic herbs that not only improve health but also taste good without added sugar or other harmful ingredients. The packaging of beverages is also important, as poor packing will offset any potential benefits. This is why we only use glass jars - they retain freshness and taste while avoiding plastic leachables.

Our innovative, ready-to-drink, health-enhancing beverages are slow-brewed to perfection using tonic herbs, super foods, and Chaga. They are perfect for busy people who need an energy boost or additional nutrition. Simply grab and go, without worry or guilt. They are pure, clean, nutrient dense goodness. We know our beverages are different, and this difference is noticed in every sip.

Keep teas refrigerated. 

The ingredients in these teas are exactly as stated on the labels, however ingredients may have encountered other allergens prior to production.


Address: 83 Swallow Street

Kitimat BC V8C 1K6


Phone: 1-250-631-1087


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