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Fill My Basket With Local

Hitting up the local farmers market and enjoying some delicious Chaga beverages.

I love going to our local farmers market and filling up my hand made straw basket with freshly grown organic produce and products.


Supporting local is an honour because it helps keep the money in our local area PLUS it supports small businesses trying to make a living with their amazing products.

Be sure to come see us next time we are in your area participating in a farmers market to enjoy a healthy Chaga and herbal based beverage.

We produce high quality, slow brewed, organic ready to drink beverages that are packaged in a chemical free environmentally friendly way. Our beverages are free of refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and chemicals unlike our competitors.

Although there are many different types of cold beverages there is a deficiency of Chaga and herbal based cold teas.

The market for Chaga and herbal based products is rapidly expanding PLUS they offer health perks that normal day to day food is unable to provide.

If you don’t know about Chaga you’ll want to.

We want to satisfy the market with our advanced beverage and products that are chartered herbalist engineered and hand crafted.

Keto and Vegan Friendly ❤️

Health is our asset and with our innovative beverage line you can drink on purpose with a purpose.

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1 Comment

Lorena Beaudette
Lorena Beaudette
Aug 05, 2019


Love local, love Chaga Muga

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