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Rhubarb Health Perks

🌸 Weekly Picking Wednesday 🌸

Rhubarb - Polygonaceae family of plants. Scientifically, it is an herbaceous perennial with leaves growing off the top of a thick rhizome.

This herb is known to be used in many baked goods. It’s taste similar to a green apple 🍏. Tart.

It has a lot of great benefits to offer to health. It has an astounding nutritional value.

Contains minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that make it ideal for keeping our bodies healthy.

Dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, B complex vitamins, calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium are present in rhubarb accordingly the USDA National Nutrient Database.

In terms of organic compounds, the plant is a rich source of polyphenolic flavonoids like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

The leaves are not edible, they are extremely high in oxalic acid, which can cause severe illnesses in people, resulting in the common belief that rhubarb is poisonous.

Rhubarb is great for weight loss, aids in digestion, beneficial for heart health, improves bone health, known to prevent Alzheimer’s, improves blood circulation, contains anti-cancer properties, improves vision and much more.

I love useing this plant in my pies or smoothies, what do you use rhubarb in?

Comment below 👇🏼

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