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🌿Yarrow Root🌿

I came across a patch of yarrow this weekend that I’m looking forward to harvesting.

🌿Yarrow is a wonderful herb.🌿

It’s known to help heal wounds and much more.

Latin name: Achillea Millefolium.

Know as a “styptic” - an astringent herb.

A characteristic of yarrow is its blossoms. Yarrow flowers are tiny and grow in flat-topped composite clusters at the top of the plant's stems. They flower from June to October, and are either rose, lilac, or white in colour.

Some known health perks of using Yarrow are;

- Detoxification

- Promotes digestion

- Helps relieve cramp and menstrual pain

- Great aid for skin conditions like eczema

- Helps with pain relief from arthritis

- Wound healing

- Assists in improving circulation and much more

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