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This whole food detox program is designed with recipes that use certain foods in a specific way in order to fully detox your system. It includes delicious smoothies, juices, and snack recipes. 


Slim Down Detox is designed to help you release toxins from your fats cells with a gental, deep flush of your system. With this Detox's assistance, your fat cells will reduce in size, your metabolism will increase, and your body will turn into a fat burning machine. This Detox also creates an environment within your body that allows for it to heal.


By using certain foods in a specific way your body becomes capable of flushing out years of built up toxins, your metabolism will increase, you will have more energy, gain more mental focus, reduce inflammation, improve your hormonal balance, and achieve clear skin.


To follow this detox plan as advised, you will need to purchase 1 Chaga Detox and Recharge Blend, 1 Chaga Slim and Energize Blend, and 1 Chaga Concentrate. You will need to add these to your cart separately. 


Slim Down Detox Book