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 Lavish, Organic, Botanical Brews, Teas, & Drink Blends

We specialize in handmade artisan organic, brews, drink blends, teas and tisanes that are Chaga, & superfood based. A fun and delicious and way to add superfoods to everyday life. 

Health is our greatest asset! We take that seriously - every sip counts!
Mindfully crafted, from beginning to end. Feel the difference - Nature In A Cup! 

Chartered Herbalist Engineered & Red Seal Chef Taste Tested!
* Organic Ingredients Only * No Refined Sugars * Keto/Vegan Friendly * Dairy/Gluten Free *

Nature To Cup, Made By Hand, & Steeped With Passion 

We are harvesters and foragers of Chaga and herbs 
We are
blenders of artisanal organic teas and tisanes

We are makers of various herbal infusions, teas and drink blends
We are
brewers of various botanical & herbal brews


Herbal Treatment

Artisan Blends

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Wild Chaga


Botanical Brews

CHaga Dual Tincture


Herbal Tea


Herbal Tea

Herbal Infusions

Pumpkin Spice

Superfood Drink Blends


Organic Herbs

"Chaga Muga Hugs In A Cup"
- Vanessa Allen

Choosing healthier options should be exciting and delicious. What we put in our bodies should enrich our health and taste good. Picking a healthier option should not taste bad, therefore all our blends are also designed with a professional chef. 

* Chartered Herbalist Engineered

* Chef designed and taste tested

* Organic ingredients only

* Whole-foods and superfoods

* Medicinal mushrooms

* 14-day money back guarantee

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Our beverages are slow brewed to perfection with 100% organic whole food ingredients; medicinal mushrooms, fruits, adaptogenic and tonic roots and herbs that are well-known for their vast array of health benefits and delicious flavours.


Produced in small batches to ensure their potency and quality. All you need to know is they taste great!

Check our brew process and why we shine at it.

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We only use Eco-friendly and compostable packaging to lessen our footprint on the environment.


Our beverages are stored in glass jars to retain their taste, nutrient value, purity, and quality. Plus, it's less impactful on our surroundings. 

We do our part on contributing to a healthier environment!

Trees From Above

Blends Can Be Used In Many Ways

* Smoothie & Smoothie Bowls

* Oatmeal

* Baking

* Soups

* Iced Lattes

* Cold Brews Can Be Frozen Into Ice Cubes

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Spiced Chai
Smoothie with Granola
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