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Wild Chaga 

Collected from local foragers sustainably and responsibly.

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Wild Chaga Nuggets


Chaga Dual Tincture


Our Chaga dual tincture is made with 100% organic Wild Harvest Canadian Chaga!


All medicinal mushrooms need to be extracted in order for your body to absorb their nutrition and therapeutic properties. Mushroom cells are made of chitin, the same material that protects insects, lobsters and crabs. Chitin is the hardest all-natural material known to man. Locked inside each mushroom's chitin cell-walls are its bio-active components (1)


Humans cannot digest chitin properly; the enzyme chitinase is needed to break it down. As a result, we  must manually break open Chaga's chitin to get at the goodness inside. The traditional means of doing this have included either hot water extraction or steeping Chaga in alcohol.

Our Chaga's cell walls, or chitin, are completely dissolved to unlock the bio-availability of Chaga, extracting both the water and non-water soluble constitutes through both water and alcohol extraction.

Water extraction alone pulls a limited amount of health properties from Chaga, where as an alcohol extraction completely breaks down Chaga, pulling out all of its powerful health properties. By combining these methods - using an alcohol based tincture over hot water extraction - we are able to draw out more of Chaga's health enhancing benefits.


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