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To provide superfood and botanical based brews and beverages!

Our Story

Located in the beautiful rainforest of BC Canada in a small town called Kitimat. Chaga Muga is a growing herbal beverage and body product company. We were founded in 2015 by Chartered Herbalist Lorena Beaudette. Her passion and drive for the medicinal powers of Chaga and plants as a beverage line inspires us to evolve our diverse botanical dispensary and develop a wide offering of unique herbal products.


Our main focus and ingredient in our product line is Chaga. We create high-quality, organic, nutrient dense, Chaga focused beverages, herbal teas, and body products.


Two things that are important to us, our environment, and our health. For those two reasons, we go the extra mile to use organic ingredients that use ethical and sustainable practices.


As well, packaging of products is vital and important to our high standards. We only use Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to lessen our footprint on the environment. Plus, we only use glass to store our beverages for consumption to retain its taste, nutrition value, avoid plastic leachate, and to lessen our impact on the planet.

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The Founder
Lorena Beaudette is a highly passionate health enthusiast committed to helping transform lives through the power of herbalism, whole food nutrition, and fitness. She began her journey into health and wellness at 16, became a certified personal fitness trainer by the age of 18, and opened her first fitness centre at 19.
She developed many workout plans, nutrition programs, and fitness classes, that help motivated, shape, and change many clients lives. Being result driven, Lorena endeavoured into ongoing schooling to advance her knowledge and know how. Her ongoing broad spectrum of knowledge has helped many customers reach various health and fitness goals. 
Since then Lorena has authored various whole food and vegan cook books, created fitness programs, attended schooling in various areas of health and wellness, teaches cooking classes, and does motivational public speaking in her area of expertises.  
She has over 15 years experience in nutrition, fitness, culinary arts, and health. 
Lorena is an accomplished chartered herbalist, that shares the love and knowledge of how healthy whole foods, herbs, and fitness can be used to reach ones personal health goals. 

A Message From The Founder


I feel passionate and triumphant when I think about Chaga! It was my father's battle with cancer that brought this amazing mushroom into my life!


I believe that our health starts and ends with us, and us alone. It is our responsibility to seek out and learn the information we need to optimize our health. I trust we will meet people on our path that can help guide us, however it is up to us to take control of our health as it is ours and ours alone.

Your health is all that matters. It gives you the ability to live and have a better quality of life. Never take it for granted.

With love, Lorena

Lorena Beaudette

Chartered Herbalist

Product Developer

Nutrition Activist

Personal Fitness Trainer



Providing organic, vegan, and top-quality products is our daily pledge, so you can be happy and healthy.
We stand by our team and will continue to ensure that our products exceed industry standards. From production to finished orders, we ensure a consistent level of quality assurance.
We provide full disclosure of ingredients on all our packaging.
We have no secrets to hide.



At Chaga Muga, we are proud to use organic ingredients to create our products. When this is not available, we choose the next most ethical, wild-harvested ingredient options.
We think purchasing organic should be viewed as a vote to keeping like minded businesses in business.
Where one chooses to spend their money matters. It either goes towards keeping organic businesses in business or nonorganic businesses in business. So, we choose supporting organic companies 100%, regardless of the cost to make our products.
From forest and field, you can see the quality of all our products.



Here at Chaga Muga we thrive to raise the bar and standards of quality products.


Unlike other companies, we avoid lowering our standards to gain a larger profit margin by reducing our cost for less desirable ingredients that are cheaper.


We aim to inspire a healthy, holistic lifestyle through quality products and education.


Respecting people and the planet are our priorities.


The packaging and sourcing we use lessen our footprint on the environment while using the most sustainable option available.


Our Brewing Process

Slow Brewed With Attention To Detail

For maximum freshness and nutrition, we brew our blends in small batches to ensure potency, quality, and purity. We use living, alkaline, mineralized water to brew our blends. This is one large area where we are different then other brewing companies. This kind of water withdraws more nutrients from the ingredients being used, plus it is highly absorbable verses bottled or plain filtered water. 

 Our brews are made using 100% whole foods, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic and tonic herbs, and superfoods that are well known for their vast array of benefits. Each ingredient requires specific attention to be properly brewed for optimal flavor and integrity of benefits. In our current world of high processing, speed cooking, and rushed lifestyle, convenience tends to trump quality. This is where we are different and shine.

Each brew is flavoured and coloured by herbs verses sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Our blends are created to support a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. We created an optimal and detailed brewing process to attain the best flavor while retaining the health-supporting properties they are known for. After much research and development, we refined each formula to create delicious drinks for you to enjoy with ease and much-needed convenience.

Without revealing our trade secrets, we can share each blend is brewed at the lowest possible temperature to release just the right amount of flavour and nutirents without compromising the benefits of the delicate ingredients. Temperatures are adjusted at various stages of brewing, and individual ingredients are added at specific times to match their best-known preparation practices. Each blend is slow-brewed for a different amount of time, ranging from 4 hours and up to 12 hours. Once the brew has reached its unique state of perfection, it is bottled in glass jars to retain its taste, quality, purity and allowed several hours to cool before being ready to drink.

Our facility and methods to produce Chaga Muga Brews have been approved and follow food safety requirements and standards. This process ensures the safety of all our clients, stores, and production staff. Your health and safety is our primary commitment.

Brew Process
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