To transform the beverage industry with the healing powers of Chaga and plant medicine in every sip

Our Story

Located in the beautiful rainforest of BC Canada in a small town called Kitimat. Chaga Muga is a growing herbal beverage and body product company. We were founded in 2015 by Chartered Herbalist Lorena Beaudette. Her passion and drive for the medicinal powers of Chaga and plants as a beverage line inspires us to evolve our diverse botanical dispensary and develop a wide offering of unique herbal products.


Our main focus and ingredient in our product line is Chaga. We create high-quality, organic, nutrient dense, Chaga focused beverages, herbal teas, and body products.


Two things that are important to us, our environment, and our health. For those two reasons, we go the extra mile to use organic ingredients that use ethical and sustainable practices.


As well, packaging of products is vital and important to our high standards. We only use Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to lessen our footprint on the environment. Plus, we only use glass to store our beverages for consumption to retain its taste, nutrition value, avoid plastic leachate, and to lessen our impact on the planet.

A Message From The Founder


I feel passionate and triumphant when I think about Chaga! It was my father's battle with cancer that brought this amazing mushroom into my life!


I believe that our health starts and ends with us, and us alone. It is our responsibility to seek out and learn the information we need to optimize our health. I trust we will meet people on our path that can help guide us, however it is up to us to take control of our health as it is ours and ours alone.

Before I was informed of my fathers’ cancer, I was on a journey to improving my own health. I was suffering from the crippling effects of anxiety, depression, obesity, and low confidence. When I was suffering from these, there were times when I contemplated suicide. However, I was able to turn around my health when I began to expand my knowledge of health and wellness. This was a process, and turning my health around took years of participating in courses, financially investing in my health, and finding a way that truly worked for me. This is when the fruition of this company evolved.


I was doing a sugar cleanse to reboot my system. I had to read every ingredient label and you know what? It was tough, almost impossible to find a beverage that was free of refined sugars and chemicals. In fact, the only beverages I could drink were coconut water and water. This is when I realized most beverages on the market hinder our health.

It was at this point I notice the beverage industry had a large gap that needing filling. Then boom……. I decided I was going to make my own beverages free of refined sugars so I could drink them. Soon after, I was informed my father was diagnosed with cancer.


Although my health journey played an important role in my creation of Chaga Muga my father’s cancer diagnosis played an equally important role. While on my own health journey, I learned of my father’s diagnosis and I decided that I would explore ways to help him. In a search for information to help improve his health, I came across Chaga and herbalism. All my research has led me to believe that there is a better, healthier way to treat illnesses that doesn’t hinder our health in the process. The products we create at Chaga Muga Super Food Teas are built upon this research and they will help you reclaim your health.

I started creating Chaga herbal beverages for my father and myself to drink in hopes to improve our health. The outcome was amazing, so I started sharing it with friends. Next thing I know, I had created an innovative Chaga herbal beverage line that could fill the gap in the beverage market.

Your health is all that matters. It gives you the ability to live and have a better quality of life. Never take it for granted.

With love,

Lorena Beaudette

Lorena Beaudette

Chartered Herbalist

Product Developer

Nutrition Activist/Entrepreneur




Providing organic, vegan, and top-quality products is our daily pledge, so you can be happy and healthy.


We stand by our team and will continue to ensure that our products exceed industry standards. From production to finished orders, we ensure a consistent level of quality assurance.


We provide full disclosure of ingredients on all our packaging.


We have no secrets to hide.




At Chaga Muga, we are proud to use organic ingredients to create our products. When this is not available, we choose the next most ethical, wild-harvested ingredient options.


We think purchasing organic should be viewed as a vote to keeping like minded businesses in business.


Where one chooses to spend their money matters. It either goes towards keeping organic businesses in business or nonorganic businesses in business. So, we choose supporting organic companies 100%, regardless of the cost to make our products.


From forest and field, you can see the quality of all our products.




Here at Chaga Muga we thrive to raise the bar and standards of quality products.


Unlike other companies, we avoid lowering our standards to gain a larger profit margin by reducing our cost for less desirable ingredients that are cheaper.


We aim to inspire a healthy, holistic lifestyle through quality products and education.


Respecting people and the planet are our priorities.


The packaging and sourcing we use lessen our footprint on the environment while using the most sustainable option available.


Address: 83 Swallow Street

Kitimat BC V8C 1K6


Phone: 1-250-631-1087

Email: info@chagamuga.org

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