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  • What is Chaga Muga?
    A unique brewery specializing in organic, botanical, superfood based brews, drink mixes, teas, lattes, and elixirs. Functional blends for your cup, mug, smoothie, oatmeal bowl and life! Making is easy and simple to add superfoods to everyday life.
  • What are superfood brews?
    Beverages that use superfoods and botanicals. Superfoods are nutritionally dense ingredients that can have a wide variety of health benefits. When you brew these kinds of amazing ingredients together you get a superfood brew.
  • What are superfood drink mixes and lattes?
    Same concept as a superfood brew except in powder form where you can turn the mixture into a latte, smoothie, add to oatmeal, bake goods and more.
  • What is your brewing process?
    Our brews are slow brewed to perfection with 100% organic whole food ingredients; medicinal mushrooms, fruits, adaptogenic and tonic roots and herbs that are well-known for their vast array of health benefits and delicious flavours. Produced in small batches to ensure their potency and quality. To learn more our brewing process and how we shine at it visit our "About" page. It's near the bottom.
  • Where is Chaga Muga located.
    Kitimat BC, Canada
  • Where can I buy Chaga Muga?
    You can shop for our goodies right here in our shop. We also have stockists across Canada. To see the nearest location to you check out stockist list.
  • Which brew or beverage is best for me?
    Honestly, try them all and discover your favs. Simple right? When you consume high nutrient foods and drinks, that are completely free of refined and processed ingredients, the wisdom of your cells is engaged and guides you to the best brew for you.
  • Brews and blends free of dairy, nut, and gluten?"
    We do not use ingredients that contain gluten, nuts or dairy! However, it is important to note our products are not certified gluten, nut or dairy free, which means that we do not perform additional third party testing for allergens.
  • What about sugar content?
    There is no refined sugar in any of our brews, blends or concentrates. We use herbs and wholefoods to flavour and sweetened our products naturally. Some flavors are sweetened with stevia, monk fruit, or pure maple syrup. Check the ingredients of each brew or blend for more information.
  • Safe for kids?
    Many brews and blends are kid-approved. Simply adjust the serving size to suit their needs. However if you are unsure it's always wise to double check with your health care practitoner.
  • Which blends and brews do you recommend for pregnancy and breastfeeding?
    Great question? Da Beets Latte, Rev Latte, Autumen, Chaga Chai Tea, Synergy, Chaga Lemonade, Summerbreeze are our top recommended ones that we have lots of positive reviews from. However if you are new to Chaga or unsure of some herbs in the blends it is always consult your health care practitioner prior to use.
  • Do you wholesale Chaga Muga
    Absolutely, we do! We work with a variety of different types of partners including grovery stores, health food stores, cafes, restaurants, gift basket providers, smoothie bars, retail boutiques, yoga studios and more. Interested? Send us an email to
  • Do your blends help with sleep?
    We cannot guarantee or make any claims for any specific results with sleep but, we have had several clients share that it is a benefit they enjoy. All brews contain Chaga and other super herbs that are known for their “stress-reducing” benefits. They support your body’s ability to regulate stress, such as calming the mind, which helps you fall asleep faster and get a better quality of rest.
  • How many servings in a brew?
    2 servings per brew however, most people drink it all at once, which is totally ok.
  • How many servings per bag for powder blends?
    Powder blends vary however, most are around 30 servings. We don't use fillers meaning a little goes a long way. Check each blend to verify how many servings.
  • Good for athletes and those with active lifestyles?
    If you are an athlete or lead an active lifestyle, you use nutrients at a greater pace. These brews are nutrient rich to support your best health and quick recovery from the wear and tear of training and exercise. Furthermore, they are free from all forms of preservatives, processed and refined ingredients that add stress and inflammation to the body. When you enjoy a Chaga Muga, you are getting a delicious & convenient drink, that is designed to support your best health.
  • How do I make a perfect Chaga Muga latte?
    Easy peasy! Mix one flat tsp of mix with a splash (2-3 tbsp) of boiling water. Mix well until dissovled. Heat 1 cup of mylk. Add mixture to hot mylk and serve with a little maple syrup, stevia, monk fruit, or honey. Can also be served cold as well!
  • Want to see Chaga Muga in a store near you?
    Simply ask to speak to the manager of the business, inform them you love Chaga Muga, and would love to see it brought in. The more recommendations a business receives the more likely they will attend to customers requests.
  • How do pre orders work?
    When you place a pre-order you will be charged for your full order. Your order will ship as soon as all the items in your cart are in stock. At this time we are not able to do partial shipments.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    At this time, we are only able to ship within Canada. We hope to ship abroad in the future!
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