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Since using this product I have definitely felt better with more energy...i find I'm sleeping better and have also lost a few pounds I really enjoy the chaga chai tea...chaga muga concentrate as well as the tincture...Lorena is very helpful and informative on all her products...
-Todd King

chaga, psoriasis, arthritis, health benefits, lost weight, energy, feel better

I have been using Chaga Muga teas for about a year. I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and was having trouble losing weight and so then had low energy.. I decided to try Chaga Muga because I had heard many good things about it and thought something as easy as a daily drink that was all natural might help. It helped my psoriasis mostly. I've had psoriasis very badly on my leg since I was 13 (33 years) and it never completely went away until this year. After taking chaga regularly I began to change my diet, I gained more energy, I felt better about myself as my psoriasis was noticeably going away, my skin was getting clearer and I was finally losing weight and off prescription arthritis medicine.. I've lost 40+ lbs and still toning down.. I've gained my health back.. Thank you Lorena for introducing me to Chaga Muga and coaching me through my journey to a healthier, happier me ❤️
I have mostly taken the chaga tea products and simply can't choose just one favorite.. I enjoy the lemonade, feel good tea, concentrates, winter mint and many more, and there's some I haven't tried..

I love Chaga Muga super food teas. I have noticed that I have more energy and overall I feel so much better. Which is amazing as I am a new mommy. The Feel good tea is my favourite and it taste so good. Due to these reasons, I would like to continue to use these products. I felt all these great benefits in a time span of one and half weeks.


- Athlena Blanchard

chaga, new mommy, health befitis, success, love, concentrates, teas

Why I love Chaga Muga products besides all the amazing health benefits is that I found it made me more regular, I had more energy, plus it was actually quite thirst quenching! My all time favourite is the Chaga lemonade, mmm soo good but I do also like the Chai Delight as well.
- Brittany Goddard

chaga, disgetion, happy, feel good, aniexty, more energy, regular
chaga, FAP, chaga health benefitd, kid friendly, inflammtion, more energy

Chaga Muga tea has been my go to tea for the last 6 months roughly. Although there are times I have not been faithful at taking it daily, however I am faithful at giving it to my 6 year old daughter daily. I started using this product because my daughter has a very rare disease "FAP". I know that Chaga acts as a natural anti inflammatory so it's perfect for my daughter. My hope is that it will help slow the growth of her polyps in her intestine (first scope June 29th 2017).
It's been proven that other medications have had some positive impact on those with FAP but given my daughters age I was not comfortable giving her strong medications for long term use. Chaga is all natural and safe for her to use, I trust the source it's made from so I am very comfortable allowing her to use it for life. Recently Leah has started on Chaga Tincture and although she hasn't been on it long, I am confident she will see a positive outcome from this too.
Some of the most obvious things I have noticed in myself from taking Chaga Muga, is a boost in my energy (when taken daily), I live a very busy lifestyle and have a problem with sleeping. Chaga helps replace the energy I am lacking. The best part is I find it's tasteless when mixed with any liquid, my daughter also says no taste whatsoever. I mix hers with water of about 1/4 of ice tea and again no yucky after taste.
- Elysia and Leah Fox

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