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We put raising into Fundraising!

We raise the traditional standards of fundraising by offering a product line that is unique, different, and ehances health. 

The usual fundraising involves chocolates, bakes goods, frozen goods, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but what about those looking and needing healthy options to support your cause?

How often do you see fundraising with a product line that is health encompassing, organic, vegan and keto friendly?

Fundraising with us is a different experience! Plus you'll be able to offer a product line to the ever rising vegan and keto trend.

Now you have something for everybody.

Who do we allow to fundraise with us?

Clubs, non-profit organizations, schools, teams etc

We also allow individuals, small businesses who are trying to get started or off the ground, unlike other companies.


If you have any questions or want to begin your fundraising campaign

email us at

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