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Building A Brewery Fundraiser
Currently Chaga Muga operates out of a kitchen here in Kitimat BC. We have been faced with a new challenge the pandemic has brought onto our businesses. The current kitchen we use to make our products is coming to an end within the next year or so. Trying to find an alternative kitchen is becoming limited because of all the protocols, companies scaling back, and increased rates per hour. We are fortunate to have a kitchen for the next year or so however, the opportunity of a new contract is slim and would mean we would have to cease operations. 

We decided we are going to build our own brewery with a little store front where we will offer superfood snacks and treats.

We have been looking into alternative means to help us raise enough funds to be able to build and purchase the equipment we need. No lie, it's been a timeless struggle and we don't have much time to pull this off.

We are accepting donations of any size, small or big from those that wish to support our cause.

We love and appreciate all the support and business our customers and clients have given us through the years.
Sincerely, thank you!

If you love our products and support our cause we are grateful for any donation you can gift us.

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Beer Tap
Homemade Popsicles
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