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~ Chaga Pumpkin Spice ~ Warm, Relax, Refresh, Chill


A Pumpkin Spice made with real pumpkin, no artifical sweeteners, syrups or junk. Simply add some pure maple syrup or monk fruit extract powder to add your own sweetness. Tastes just like grandma’s pumpkin pie and pairs perfectly with a shot of espresso, if that’s your style. This one’s anything but basic as we use Chaga to encompass this drink for additional health perks.


44 drinks per bag! $0.61 per drink, that's big savings.

Red Seal Chef taste tested and approved. Barista-worthy


Can be enjoyed hot or as a iced drink



*Keto and Vegan Friendly*

*Plant Based*

*Refined Sugar Free*

*Free of dairy, gluten, dyes, chemicals, artificial and synthetic ingredients*

* Eco-Friendly Packaging*

* Made with 100% organic ingredients*

*Chartered Herbalist Engineered*


Mesquite - Been used for centuries by Natives for many purposes including therapeutic remedies and as a natural sweetener for food dishes. Mesquite is a plant that smells sweet and has a caramel like flavour. A few known health perks are: Anti-Fungal, Rich in protein, rich in fibre, boosts immunity, an abundance of minerals, helps prevent migraines and headaches, has slimming properties and more.


Chaga - known for its rich antioxidants, immunity health, system balance and repair, reduce stress and inflammation and much more.


Chaga Pumpkin Spice

SKU: D004
  • Organic Cinnamon, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Ginger, Organic Cardamom, Organic Mesquite, Organic Clove, Organic Reishi, & Wild Chaga Fruiting Body


    Ingredients are exactly as stated on the labels, however they may have encountered other allergens prior to production.

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