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Chill - Relax, Chill, Refocus, Refresh


Take a load off by sipping on this brew designed to enhance chilling out, calm the mind and nerves, and enhance relaxation. 


Herbs within are known to calm the mind & body, enhance relaxation, improve eye health, support digestion health, antioxidant rich, boost immunity health, reduce pain, and more. 



*Keto and Vegan Friendly*

*Plant Based*

*Refined Sugar Free*

*Free of dairy, gluten, dyes, chemicals, artificial and synthetic ingredients*

* Eco-Friendly Packaging*

* Made with 100% organic ingredients*

*Chartered Herbalist Engineered*


White Mulberries - Known to help treat diabetes, improve blood circulation, anti-aging effects, reduce harmful cholesterol levels, promote a healthy digestion sysytem, supports the immune system, assists repairing tissue, vision health, research suggests that it may help block cancer cell growth and lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Banana - Contains an abundance of potassium. Potassium is one of the critical minerals not naturally created by the body, but exactly what your body needs to function well. It is responsible for maintaining proper heart function, off setting the effects of sodium and salt, prevents kidney stones, lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. Research has shown bananas are great for increasing relaxation and better sleep.


Wild Chaga - For longevity, recovery, core system balance, immunity, anti-inflammatory, and protection


Gynostemma - natural anti-inflammatory, great for focus, helps burn fat, and reduce cellulite.


Canadian Wild Blueberries - Known to be packed with antioxidants, boost brain function, ehance mood, protect the body against inflammation, and much more


Monk Fruit - This fruit is naturally sweet. Used in this blend to bring sweetness without refined sugar. Plus, this fruit is known throughout history and research to be good for promotingweight loss, fights against diabetes, promotes longevity, promotes heart health, benefits the immune system, relief from seasonal allergies, ensures hormonal balance, improves sleep, reduces depression, fighting infections, and more.

Chill - Wholesale

SKU: B010
C$7.99 Regular Price
C$5.00Sale Price
  • Organic Red Rooibos, Wild Chaga, Organic White Mulberries, Wild Blueberries, Organic Banana, Organic Vanilla Bean, Organic Gynostemma, Organic Monk Fruit, Organic Reishi, Organic Stevia Leaf, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, & Filtered Alkaline Water.

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