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🌚 Moontime Tea 🌚 - Balance, Fertility, Cycle Health


In this tea we use supporting herbs that have been used for centuries to help assist increasing fertility and balancing hormones.


There is a higher chance to conceive when our bodies are in tip-top shape. This means having both a healthy mind and body play a quintessential role in helping one get pregnant. Hormone balance plays a big role in our complex female body. The more in balance they are the more our system can run synergistically to either optimize energy, conceive, lose excess fat, reduce acne, have none painful cycles (painful cycles are a good indication our hormones are out of balance), better sleep, reduce stress and inflammation in the body and more.


We carefully choose herbs for this blend that are well known to increase fertility, balance hormones, assistance in balancing the lady region, decrease pain during cycles, improve cycle health, and more. 



*Keto and Vegan Friendly*

*Plant Based*

*Refined Sugar Free*

*Free of dairy, gluten, dyes, chemicals, artificial and synthetic ingredients*

* Eco-Friendly Packaging*

* Made with 100% organic ingredients*

*Chartered Herbalist Engineered*


Raspberry Leaf - Known to strengthen the uterine wall and clear toxins from the reproductive system. For men specifically, raspberry leaf may help detoxify any excess estrogen in the body, making it easier to produce healthy sperm.


Yarrow - Known to work on increasing circulation to the reproductive organs and tissues. Also known to aid in pain reduction associated with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts.


Ashwagandha - Known to improve female sexual function, fertility, and vitality. Known to rejuvenates reproductive organs, reduce toxicity, and increase mood. For men its known to be great for; increases sperm count and motility, improves semen quality, improves testicular health, increase libido and much more.


Chaga - Known to improve all systems, assist balancing hormones, reducing inflammation and more.


Cinnamon - Known to help with hormone balance, enhance ovulation, and more.


Nettle -  Known to improve egg quality and much more.

Moontime Tea

SKU: H011
  • Organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Red Clover, Wild Chaga, Organic Yarrow, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Nettle, Organic Cinnamon, and Organic Ginger.


    Ingredients are exactly as stated on the labels, however they may have encountered other allergens prior to production.

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