Rev Latte Elixir - Hints of coconut and cinnamon!


Mental Focus - Slimming - Endurance - Immunity - Longevity 


A delicious way to incorporate nutrients, superfoods, and Chaga to your everyday life. Simply mix and drink. BOOM! It is that easy. 


Plant Based - Sugar Free - Keto - Vegan - Chartered Herbalist Engineered

Gluten Free - Dairy Free 


20 Servings per bag. $1.40 per serving!


Organic Ingredients: Wild Chaga, Matcha, Coconut Water, Eleuthero Root, Cinnamon, and Lucuma.


Chaga – For defense, immunity, reduce stress, energy, and nutrition.

Matcha – For clean green energy, slimming, boost metabolism, mental clarity, vitamin B12, and more

Eleuthero Root – For razor sharp focus, enhance performance, detox and more

Coconut Water – To hydrate, taste, nutrients, and more.


How to make - Add 1 tsp of mixture in a cup, add a little hot water then mix, add hot or cold preferred choice of milk and mix again. Drink as is or add some stevia or pure maple syrup. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: this information has not been evaluated by the FDA or CFIA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is meant for educational purposes only. Ingredients may have come into contact with other allergens prior to production. We highly recommend you look into these great ingredients and all their known benefits.

Rev Latte


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